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We are a specialist in Will Writing, Trust Creation, Estate Planning, Wealth Protection and Legacy Planning.

Do you know that 80% of your assets are without beneficiaries. should anything happen to you, your assets can shrink up to 20-70% !

These assets such as your houses, cars, properties, lands, bank accounts, shares/stocks, unit trusts and businesses (sole proprietorship & partnership) are without beneficiaries by default, except your EPF, life insurance and incorporations (with business agreements) that require you to nominate your beneficiaries by default.

Should you die without a Will, your assets (then become your estates) can shrink up to 20%-70% of its values! This is known as “Estate Shrinkage”. At the same time, your taxes, loans/debts, mortgages and liabilities accumulate while you are busy accumulating your assets happily!

A lack of wealth and risks planning can defeat your original purpose of accumulating wealth and assets for yourself, your families and your beneficiaries. Insurance, Will and Trust, are some of the financial tools or safety nets that you can use to protect your wealth from these financial risks and liabilities. 

Confused with the complexities of the financial planning tools available in the market? 

No worry. MyWishes2u.com is here to help you. Read on. 

" Not having a Will before death is more terrifying than death itself! " - Exclusive Interview with ChinaPress. Read here ➜ 

Mr. KC Chan, the founder of MyWishes2u.com, explains to you in this exclusive interview with ChinaPress on the necessity of making a Will in all aspects!

We can help you!

What Is L.I.F.E Concept? 

L.I.F.E stands for Legalize, Intents, Financials and Execution.

We use L.I.F.E Concept to work out a financial plan to help you fulfil your wishes.


Legalize all your assets using financial tools such as Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, formation of company, business agreement and Trust Deed. 


Intents are your wishes. Express and document officially on how and when to distribute your assets to your intended beneficiaries according to your wishes 100%! 


Create different financial tools and funds for liability cancellation, tax provision, financial security, guardianship, liquidity, retirement, family maintenance and children education 


Make sure your wills and wishes are legally executable and properly executed by the people you trust and appoint to execute 

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My Wishes Integrated Services (SSM No. 001953251-U) or MyWishes2u.com is a specialist in Will Writing, Trust Creation, Estate Planning, Wealth Protection and Legacy Planning for individuals and corporate customers

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We offer a full range of professional financial services to help fulfil your wishes

Will Writing

Write a Will to protect your loved ones

Trust Creation

Create a Trust so you can have peace of mind 

Wealth Creation

Protect your wealth with investment into your future

Legacy Planning

Plan for your multi-generational wealth transfer and legacy 

Penulisan Wasiat

Penulisan Wasiat kepada Orang Islam dan Bukan Islam dengan harga yang mampu milik

We Help You Apply for FREE Small Legacy Estate

No idea how to apply for small legacy estates left by your ancestor? 

We can help you to apply for FREE. 

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Our motto: To Love. To Donate. To Care. Caring for your wishes.

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