Our CSR Program

Corporate Social Responsibilities

We partner with our preferred NGOs to fulfil our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and to contribute back to the larger community in Malaysia.

CSR Project (1): Awareness Seminars on "Sharing Legacy Planning through Life Insurance"

CSR Project (2): Knowledge Sharing Seminars

CSR Project (3): Donations to Schools & Welfare Bodies

CSR Project (4): Kebun Komuniti at Taman BSL3A

" 参与地方政府计划, 住宅荒地变成小菜园. 成果得来不易居民, 互相合作是成功关键 " - 秀美, MyWishes2u

" 除了自给自足, 社区菜园促进亲子互动. 不独享劳作成果, 居民挨家挨户分享收成 " - 秀美, MyWishes2u

CSR Project (5): Welfare Society (PSKSM)


Read on our latest CSR project on setting up our Welfare Society, known as PERSATUAN SUMBANGAN KEBAJIKAN SUKARELA MALAYSIA (PSKSM)


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