Super Success Academy

Our Training Academy

Super Success Academy

This is our new training arm established to recruit, develop and train young professionals who have an interest and enthusiasm to build a future career and enterprise in the fields of estate planning, financial planning and wealth management. 

We believe learning should be a fun process and playing game is most effective way of learning and applying new concepts into practice. Hence, we have adopted the Cash Flow Game as our key training tool. 

Cash Flow Game

A game you must play once in your lifetime!

The game that can change your life!

The more you play this game, the richer you become! 

Our Training Classes

Participants enjoy and have fun in our training classes. They play Cash Flow Game in different teams. Picking up important concepts of Cash Flow, Wealth Creation and Risk Management, at the same time, building teamwork and cohesiveness.

It only takes you 3 hours and costs you RM10/pax **

Want to find out the next available training class or how to join our Academy to play the Cash Flow Game?   

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** The fee of RM10/pax comes with with light snacks and drinks served.